Here is a list of all of the automotive services we offer!

Scheduled Maintenance

It’s no secret that taking your car in for regular maintenance can help it last longer and save you money on costly repairs in the long run. Our maintenance recommendations are based on what care your car requires based on the make, model, and mileage of your vehicle, as well as your own driving patterns. Let’s get your car on a regular maintenance schedule to keep it on the road longer! 

Oil & Filter Change

One of the most crucial maintenance tasks to perform on your car is an oil change. Changing the oil in your automobile is one of the most basic and straightforward maintenance tasks you can perform. At Tony’s European Auto Service, we’ve changed the oil in thousands of vehicles for satisfied clients. To prevent your engine from having to work harder than it has to because of unclean oil, you should change the oil on a regular basis.

Tune Ups

Our professionals can tune up your car among other preventative maintenance procedures. Every 30,000 miles, the majority of automobiles require a tune-up. Along with a range of other auto repair and maintenance services, our business provides trustworthy, inexpensive, and high-quality tune-ups. By identifying and replacing worn parts, like fuel filters and spark plugs, a routine tune-up can protect you from a serious engine issue. Maintaining a regular tune-up schedule will help your car run more efficiently, get better gas mileage, and last longer. 

Check Engine Light

You know your car better than anyone, right? As a result, you will probably notice anything that is “wrong” right away. Your gears might occasionally slip, your check engine light might have come on, or you might have noticed a little engine misfire. If something appears to be “wrong” with your vehicle, the professionals at Tony’s European Auto Service in Alexandria, LA can assist you. Using computer diagnostics, we can rapidly identify the problem and collaborate with you to promptly fix it.


Are you aware that a car battery must be replaced every few years? This is true regardless of how frequently you have your car serviced. A dead battery can be the cause of your automobile not starting. Tony’s European Auto Services’s auto part experts can test your battery and, if necessary, install a new one. Most automobile owners don’t have the time or the requisite skills to install a new battery. We’ll assist you in determining whether or not your car needs a new battery. If the battery is dead and unable to be recharged, we will assist you in installing a new battery. Visit or call us right away.


The electrical system in Euorpean cars, which includes the starter, alternator, and battery, can be complicated. If the system detects a problem or an abnormality that falls outside the predetermined range, it can register the information and signal the driver via an indicator light. Electrical services are quite specific and can only be completed by experts as competent, highly qualified, and experienced as ours, therefore if this happens to you, you should call an auto electrician right away. When you need electrical work done, come to us for the best service in Cenla!

Computer Diagnostics

When you use Tony’s European Auto Service computer diagnostic services, you can be confident that we will be able to diagnose the specific problem your car is experiencing. Precise diagnostics enable our ASE-certified experts to provide honest and objective advice as well as repair a variety of issues, allowing you to get your vehicle back on the road. Our knowledgeable technicians can also assist you with servicing your vehicle’s electrical systems. 


When it comes to inspections and diagnoses, our team of auto mechanics has a solid reputation among clients.We are confident we will be your number one choice for auto repair in the future, once you experience the speed, skill and care with which we do our job, including inspection and diagnostics. Call us or visit our auto repair shop if you’d like more details about our inspection and diagnostics services so we can go through the specifics as they relate to your car’s auto repair. When it comes to getting under the hood and assessing the condition of your car, we have confidence that our auto technicians won’t let you down.


Driving without functional brakes is dangerous. Keeping your brakes in good working order will keep you, your passengers, and other motorists on the road safe. Stop worrying about your brakes and let the professionals at Tony’s European Auto Services handle everything from routine maintenance and repairs to the installation of brand new brakes. You can depend on us to deliver trustworthy assistance at rates that are hard to beat by the competition.

A/C Services

You’ve experienced the sweltering heat of a Central Louisiana summer. Our summers are often hot and humid, and our winters can be just as brutal. The last thing you need is to get in your car in the morning and find that the air conditioning or heating isn’t working. Tony’s European Auto Service is the place to go in Alexandria, LA, for reliable and efficient auto AC repair services performed by trained professionals.

Drive Train & Suspension

When you’re driving, it’s the steering and suspension systems in your car that help you remain in control. The entire weight of your car is supported by its shocks and steering system. You should check your steering and suspension system at least once a year, and maybe more often depending on how you drive. This will help you avoid expensive repairs. If you notice the first signs of a bad steering and suspension system, you should bring your car to our auto repair shop right away. Our skilled professionals will quickly find the problem and fix it.

Coolant & Oil Leaks

Radiator repair and radiator flush are just two of the many auto repair services our amiable, dependable, and qualified team of licensed technicians specialize in, and we can maintain your automobile in good operating order. Your car’s cooling system is what prevents it from melting down. Our cooling system’s various parts work together to achieve one key objective: circulating coolant throughout your engine so it can absorb and disperse heat. The cooling system’s primary goal is to lower engine temperature so that all other components can function correctly.

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